Monday, February 6, 2012

saber-toothed baby

Evelyn got her first tooth yesterday!  A sharp little tooth broke skin on her bottom gum.  We can't see it, but we can definitely feel it!

She was such a trooper.  Last week was rough, although I didn't know why.  Evelyn was just fussy all week long.  She didn't eat or sleep quite as well as usual either.  I thought she was just having a bad week - we're all entitled to them.  The thought of teething crossed my mind, but she didn't seem to have the symptoms.  Her gums weren't red or swollen, no fever, no throw up, no excessive drooling.  And I never felt anything when I put my finger in her mouth.

Then yesterday, on our way to my parents' house to watch the Superbowl, Evelyn put my finger in her mouth.  I thought I felt something hard, but she didn't let me look, and I chalked it up to wishful thinking.  But then my mom felt around too, and declared that Evelyn had a tooth!  I promptly grabbed my baby and hugged her, telling her how proud I was of her.

It's nice to know that there was a reason for Evelyn's fussiness last week.

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