Thursday, February 2, 2012

eskimo kisses

Evelyn and I regularly give each other eskimo kisses.  I rub my nose on Evelyn's, and she leans in and holds still.  I realized last night that while we do this all the time, Kevin hasn't really seen it, so we showed him.  He found it adorable.  I think it is a super cute way for Evelyn and I to show our love.

We are starting to work on crawling.  This is not easy with a baby who hates being on her tummy.  I typically put her on her tummy and she rolls over within 3 seconds, then plays contentedly on her back.  I think I may have found the key though - involve Ruby.  Evelyn adores Ruby beyond measure.  So yesterday I put Evelyn on her stomach, but I put a pillow under her tummy.  Legs down and bent on one side, tummy supported, and then arms and chest on the other side of the pillow.  Evelyn started to whine, which brought Ruby into the room.  Rue lay down right by Evelyn's head, and then Evelyn was able touch and play with Ruby, forgetting she was on her stomach.  This lasted for 10-15 minutes, which is a record for this child.  Baby steps.

After crawling practice, Ruby stayed with us while we played on the floor.  Evelyn sat right next to her dog, patting her and pulling her tail and ears.  I handed Evelyn a toy, which she gnawed on for 5 seconds, and then she held it out to Ruby's face for her to lick.  We repeated this with 5 or 6 different toys.  It was so sweet.  I love that my precious baby is already learning how to share.  And I find it remarkable that she recognizes Ruby's mouth, knowing that that's where the toy should go.  I had such fun playing with my girls yesterday, and I'm so glad that they like each other.

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