Sunday, May 1, 2011


Wow, this is my 100th post here.  Ca-razy!

I have had dreams about giving birth for the last three nights.  Each time, there was something wrong and they had to do an emergency c-section and it was really scary.  But then each time, I saw my daughter afterward and she was absolutely beautiful.  Stunning.  The nurses said she was the prettiest baby they had ever seen.  So each of the three dreams was scary/awesome.

Evelyn Mae is still playing games with us.  Yesterday my mom tried to feel her move for 15 minutes to no avail, then take her hands away only for Evie to kick me.  It's quite funny, actually.  She doesn't play well with others, it seems.  So Mom and Kevin turned on some loud music, which made Evelyn move more until they put their hands back on me - then she froze again.  So they ended up just sitting on the bed watching my stomach move.  At least Mom was able to see her move even though she couldn't feel her.  The people Evie has let feel her remain limited to me, Kevin, and her cousin Blake.

I bought paint for Evelyn's room, a sweet lavender color that matches the bedding on the registry.  I wasn't positive about painting because it wasn't really necessary, plus it's a bit of an expenditure that we can't really afford.  But I got a coupon in the mail from Ace Hardware for buy 1 gallon of paint, get 1 free, so that settled it.  I enjoy painting a room for only $25 instead of $50.  I got the first coat up in nearly the whole room (still have to go around the ceiling and window) yeasterday, and I absolutely love it.  Kevin does too.  The lavender might be a little intense if the room was dark, but it has good lighting and all the furniture is white.  It reminds me of a fairy tale for some reason, and it's so girly and sweet.  I'm positive that it will be my favorite room in the house once it's finished.  I'll take pictures for the blog once it's put back together again.

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