Friday, April 29, 2011

33 weeks

33 weeks and 49 days until Evelyn's official due date.  Although I must say that I'm expecting her to come a bit early, just because of her size and her position if she doesn't move.  However, if she's anything like her father, she will be late.  Kevin is late to everything, and I am always early.

It's difficult to estimate Evie's size, since babies are all over the map by this point.  So I'm guessing that since she's on the larger end of things, she's between 4 1/2 - 5 pounds and 19-20 inches long.

My online pregnancy calender tells me that "during these last few weeks of pregnancy, most women experience an increased urge to urinate."  No way, seriously?  How stupid are the people who write these things?!  I've been peeing 4-5 times a night since November!

I'm ready to not be pregnant.  It feels like I've been pregnant forever; it's been a long time since late September/early October.  Time for this baby to be OUT OF ME!  I've had a few breakdowns over the past two weeks because I'm so done with it, and it feels like it's never going to end.  And even when I do have a baby, I just know that she's going to look exactly like Kevin.  I'm the one putting all the work into it and feeling miserable all the time, and Evelyn doesn't even have the decency to look like me!  Crazy baby!

For the most part, this blog has been pretty upbeat.  So I think I'm entitled to have this one whiny, sorry-for-myself post.

**Updated 20 minutes later.  I'm watching Evie through my stomach as she moves around, poking and prodding me.  It makes me feel better, and I can't stay in a bad mood while I feel her and see her.  God and Baby E knew just what I needed.

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