Friday, April 22, 2011

32 weeks

56 days until Baby E is due!

According to the websites, she is now nearly 4 pounds.  But considering that she was only an ounce or two shy of 4 on Tuesday, she's probably already there or past it.  She's most likely between 18-19 inches long.

I'm supposed to be feeling lots of kicks in my ribs, but I have yet to experience that.  Probably because Evelyn is in a different position than most babies, breech and doubled over so she isn't as high.

Let's look back over the pregnancy, shall we?  I was about 6 weeks pregnant when the pee test gave me a plus sign.  Then seven weeks pregnant when it was confirmed by the doctor.  At seven weeks, the baby was the size of a grain of rice and looked like this:

So much has changed since then!  At 32 weeks, Evelyn looks something like this:
Ignore the fact that there are two babies in this picture... I am NOT having twins!
And I look something like this:

Well, not quite like that.  Flip the baby upside down so she's breech.  And add a heck of a lot more stretch marks.  Then it's a little closer.

I try not to think of all the things that could have gone wrong.  But sometimes it's okay to think about them if only to realize what a miracle and blessing God's pulled off.   First, that I got pregnant at all with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  And only three months after being diagnosed and told that it would be very difficult to conceive.  Second: I never miscarried.  Many women with PCOS can't carry a baby to term and miscarry time after time... A woman in my PCOS support group miscarried 10 times, and she's still trying.  So the fact that I've made it to 32 weeks with my first pregnancy is quite amazing.  Third: I never developed gestational diabetes, which women with PCOS are extremely high risk for.  Fourth: I have fallen twice and gotten in a car accident, and the baby and I are completely fine.  The outcome of that car accident could have been a lot different, and I'm so lucky that Evelyn and I are still hanging in there.

Reading back over that last paragraph, I feel so lucky.  If I have to deliver a breech baby or they make me have a c-section, then I am counting my blessings.  There is a lot more that could have gone wrong.  But I feel invincible right now, like I could do anything.