Thursday, April 21, 2011

31 week photos

Evelyn and I had an appointment on Tuesday morning to get our photos taken together.  Well, really it was the inside of my tummy, and she didn't have much of a say in it.  Except she is once again proving her independence and did the best she could to not get her picture taken.  That's right, it was another ultrasound fiasco. 

Dr. Raley likes her patients to get ultrasounds around the 30 week mark just to make sure that things are progressing well through the third trimester.  So at my 2-week check-up, I also scheduled another ultrasound.  You may recall that at our 20-week ultrasound, the baby did not cooperate whatsoever and was labeled by the technician as "extremely stubborn and uncooperative."  She didn't move at all and would even let us see her gender, so we were later sent to some experts for our ultrasound.

Evelyn did a little better at this one, but not much.  The technician was able to get enough measurements to determine her size, which was about 4 pounds.  Big for this stage, although not abnormally so.  And we were able to reaffirm that Evie is indeed a she.  I was able to watch her make little sucking/kissing movements with her lips.  And I can guess that she looks like her daddy.  She has pretty chubby cheeks (enough to make the technician say "Whoa!") and full, pouty lips, so I'm guessing that she looks like Kevin more than she looks like me.

And here's the clincher - she's breech.  Butt down instead of head down.  If she stays breech until she's full-term and the doctor is unable to turn her, then no doctor will deliver her normally - it's a mandatory c-section.  NOT what we want.  So I've looked up a bunch of movements and exercises I can do that might make her turn, and I've been implementing those since Tuesday.  We'll see if she stops being so stubborn and decides to do what we want her to do.

And here are a couple photos:

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