Friday, May 6, 2011

34 weeks

Today marks the 34-week point!  Woohoo! 

I honestly can't imagine going all the way to 40 weeks.  Six more weeks...  42 days...  sigh...

There's not too much going on with Evelyn's development at this point, other than putting on weight and filling out her skin.  Still putting finishing touches on some of her organs, but not much left to do.  She's pretty much baked!  I, on the other hand, seem to be experiencing all kinds of fun things.  The line down the center of my stomach continues to darken, although it still isn't that noticeable.  It would be more noticeable if it weren't camouflaged by all the stretch marks. :)  The boobs are a bit leaky (charming, I know), especially Lefty.  The sciatica is back, making walking particularly fun.  I'm continuing to develop my waddle; I've found that flip-flops make it more pronounced, so bring on the summertime fun!  And I'm experiencing contractions fairly regularly, on a daily basis.  Braxton-Hicks, but they are sometimes painful and cramping, so I try to just lie down and put my swollen feet up whenever they get too bad.

Fatigue has set in, similar to the first trimester.  I'm so tired all day long, and I really just want to sleep on the couch all the time.  Sometimes I do, don't tell Kevin.  But unfortunately, there's still home projects that I need to finish before Evelyn arrives.  I need to paint the second coat of lavender in her room, and finish painting the main bathroom.  Not to mention all the little things like finish the cushions on the rocking chair, pack a hospital bag, line up Ruby care, and get all the things we still need for Evelyn (waiting until after the last baby shower for that though).  Thinking about all that makes me tired, maybe I'll take a nap. :)

Beginning Monday, I go to the hospital once a week for monitoring.  I guess they'll just be watching the fluid levels, Evie's size and position, the placement of the placenta, etc.  Dr. Raley wants me there to just keep an eye on things.  If Evelyn doesn't turn by herself, then they will probably want to take her out a little early, so that's one thing they'll be watching for.  And then I'll still have my regular weekly visits to the obstetrician as well.  Good thing we've already met our insurance deductible! 

Kevin's co-workers threw us a baby shower at school on Wednesday, it was so sweet of them.  We got some cute clothes and sleepers, a hand-knit blanket, and some of the things from our registry like a changing pad cover and the baby carrier.  And some gift cards to Target and Babies 'R' Us as well, which we'll save until after the next shower on the 14th.  It was so lovely of them, especially since most of them don't know me very well.  But everyone loves Kevin, and we both felt special and appreciated.

It's Mother's Day this Sunday.  I informed Kevin that our daughter had better get me a present via him, since I've been feeling crummy since October.  So I'll be celebrating Mother's Day as a mommy for the first time!  It will probably be more special next year when I actually have my little one there, but it will still be cool this year. :)

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