Wednesday, May 18, 2011

aversion is a terrible term

I went to my weekly OB visit today, with the help of my grandfather.  My back was still too bad to go by myself, so he drove down and lent me a shoulder.

I'm about 1 cm dilated with a soft cervix, so things are progressing normally.  Not that 1 cm is a big deal, but it's one less than I have to dilate later.  Evelyn is still breech.  If she's still breech by next Wednesday's appointment, we will schedule a time for Friday the 27th to go into the hospital for an aversion (to try and manually turn her).  There's a 60% chance of it working.  Depending on the result, we have a number of options.  If she does turn, then we wait and I deliver naturally.  If Evelyn does not turn, then I can either wait and go into labor naturally, then have a c-section.  Or we can schedule a c-section for a week or two before my due date.

Dr. Raley recommends trying the aversion on Friday, and then if that does not work, scheduling the c-section.  I think I agree with her, although I'll have to go over it with Kevin.  We have a week to think about it, and then let Dr. Raley know next Wednesday.

Also next Wednesday we have a consultation scheduled with a pediatrician.  Yippee!  There were a couple doctors who were recommended to us by one of Kevin's co-workers, but they didn't have any time available to meet with us until mid-June.  And I am not going to wait that long to meet the doctor who will be discharging my daughter from the hospital.  So I just started calling down the list of pediatricians that accept our insurance.  This office had a time slot open next week, so ding-ding-ding, they're the lucky winners!  Hope we like each other!

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