Monday, May 23, 2011

a stunner

We had our weekly hospital appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine this morning.  The ultrasound technician let us watch Evelyn on the 3d ultrasound, and then she printed a couple pictures for us.  She's a knock-out!  We can't tell what her nose looks like because it must be squished against some part of me.  But her lips are perfect - round and full and pouty, the lips I've always wanted on myself.  And she has full, round cheeks.  Evie Mae is going to be a stunner!  Kevin can't scan the photos at work anymore since he's off for the summer, but hopefully we'll get it up sometime this week and you can see our gorgeous baby girl.

Unfortunately, she's still breech.  So on Wednesday we will talk with the obstetrician and most likely set up a time to try and turn Evelyn on Friday at the hospital.

I feel pretty wretched.  I assume most women feel this way during their last few weeks of pregnancy.  I honestly thought that I would feel worse than this, so I'm glad it's only "mediocre-bad."  Ready to get her out though!

I can't believe that I will most likely be holding my beautiful daughter in my arms in less than a month.

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