Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what a bad decision.

I had to come back online this morning and read my previous blog post.  Remind myself why I'm doing this. 

I painted Evie's room last night, so it's completely done.  I'll just wait to let it dry for a day or two before I move the furniture back.  But three hours of painting and doing trimwork totally killed my back.  Pain from my sciatic nerve is shooting down to my toes, and I can't put any weight on my right leg.  It took me 7 minutes to roll over in bed and then get up to use the bathroom.  I woke Kevin up with my whimpering and he helped me do some stretches that our birth class coach taught me.  It helped enough for me to walk to the living room where I can sit on the couch (sitting hurts less than lying down, and I didn't want to keep him awake anymore) with an ice pack.

So here I sit.  I'm worried about my doctor appointment today because I have to park really far away and walk to the building.  There are about a million handicapped parking spots, and I don't get to use them, so I have to do the hike.  Don't really know how to manage that.  Praying that my back will be good enough for me to stand and shower and then drive and walk.  Should be an interesting experience.

Oh yeah, and I told Kevin that if he gets me pregnant within a year of having Evelyn, I'm going to slit his throat.

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