Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spring has arrived

I see little signs around our house that mean Spring has finally arrived.  Bulbs have come up in the flower bed out front.  So have weeds, unfortunately, so it looks like this fat tummy of mine and I need to go out and do some maintenance this afternoon.  And the apple trees out back have started to bud.  I can't wait until they're covered in little pink flowers!

For a while it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant with girls.  More and more boys are making their appearance though, so Evelyn will hopefully have her pick of men.  Even if they are a bit younger.  That's okay, I'm a year older than Kevin.  All four women in our birth prep class are having boys in June.  And my cousin Kate is having twin boys sometime this summer.  And my friend Luana just found out yesterday that they're having another boy.  I'm so happy to be having a little girl though!

Completely unrelated:  I just saw photos on Facebook of kids that I used to babysit.  They're in high school and college now.  I feel a little bit old.

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