Monday, April 11, 2011

30 week letter

Dear Baby Girl,

I am so excited to be your mommy!  I never thought I would feel like that, but it's true.  I can't wait to meet you! 

Here's what I can already tell about you.  You are very active and like to move around a lot.  You either don't really sleep much, or continue to make slight movements while you do sleep, because I feel you all the time.  I am interested to see how this plays out when you're an infant and a toddler.  You also love music.  I haven't noticed if you prefer a specific genre because once any music starts up, your movements increase tenfold and are much harder and more vigorous.  This applies to everything from my music, to your dad's, to cousin Blake playing the piano.  Maybe you'll be a brilliant musician someday; maybe you just have an exceptional appreciation for song. 

Right now you're about 3 pounds, and I have about ten weeks left before we meet.  I know it seems like a really long time, but you still have some growing to do.  I think you're supposed to put on about 1/2 pound every week from now on, so you have about 5 more pounds.  This may be the last time in your life that people are telling you to gain weight; enjoy it.  I look down and see different sections of my stomach poking out as you move around and can't really imagine you being nearly 3 times as big as you are right now. 

Your room is nearly ready.  Your pretty white crib is all set up, although I still have to buy a mattress.  Your changing table is all painted and probably looks nicer than it ever will again.  I have your books set up on a bookshelf that Grammy and Grampy gave you.  You'll like the books, most of them are ones that I had when I was little.  Your rocking chair is still a bit of a mess, but the frame is painted now, and Grandma and I will recover it in the next couple weeks.  And you even have some clothes!  I did your laundry and cleaned the hand-me-downs from your cousin Jaidyn.  I didn't wash the new things with tags though, just in case you turn out to be a Liam or Milo or something besides an Evelyn.

You have so many people who are excited to meet you.  There's Daddy and me, of course, and Ruby.  Ruby has already started to take care of you and protect you; she doesn't let me leave the room without her, and she just watches me wherever I go.  She likes to lie on the couch or bed with me and put her head on my tummy so that she can feel you when you kick her face.  Then she twitches her ears and looks at me as if to say "You felt that, right? You okay?"  Grandma and Grandpa and Grammy and Grampy are all excited to meet you, and they like to brag about you.  Aunt Caryn hopes to be the first person to paint your nails, as she did mine when I was a baby.  She also let me get two black eyes though, so look out for that one.  Aunt Beckie, Uncle Zach, and Uncle Dusty are pretty happy to meet their first niece.  And your cousins Blake and Cody are pumped!  All your relatives in Minnesota are excited too, but you'll have to wait a little longer to meet them.  Not too long, I hope.  You have a LOT more cousins and aunts and uncles over there to spoil you too.

Anyway, I just wanted to write and read this aloud to you.  Try to get some sleep today, okay Evie?

Love, Mommy

PS - If you want to meet me a little earlier, like in 7 weeks instead of 10, that would be fine too.  I promise, we'll be ready for you.

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  1. I'm not sure it it's becuase I'm preggo too.. but this letter brought tears to my eyes! aww! I love it! And Little baby Evie will love this letter too! Your such a cute Mommy Pinky! Praying for you during this stage! It's so awesome being a Mommy!