Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a pain in the butt

Baby Rice has become quite a pain in the butt.  Literally.  Apparently the baby/uterus is pressing against my sciatic nerve in my lower back / upper butt area, causing shooting pain nearly 24 hours a day.  The only time it isn't shooting pain is when I go completely numb from the hip down on my left side, causing me to collapse.  Awesome.  I called my obstetrician about it and she said that I can go ahead and get either chiropractic help or massage therapy from a practitioner with prenatal experience.  And since our insurance doesn't cover massages (man, that would be awesome), it's off to the cry-opractor I go this afternoon.

Last night I was supposed to do laundry since Kevin and I are both out of undies.  I know, not what you wanted to hear, but it leads to something funny, promise.  Anyway, I couldn't do laundry because we are out of detergent.  I was supposed to go get some at the store yesterday but I was feeling totally sick, plus I was afraid of falling over if my leg went numb.  And Kevin couldn't go after school because he doesn't have a debit card.  So when he called after school yesterday, I gave him the choice - he can either come home, pick up my debit card, go to an ATM, and then go to Walgreens, or we could open one of our stocking stuffers, knowing that we both got new undies in our stockings.  So we had a bit of an early Christmas and opened some new undies.  Thus, the saga of the laundry detergent shall be continued through today as I hopefully feel well enough to go to the store after visiting the chiropractor.

My nephews are becoming obsessed with the baby, and it's adorable.  Especially Cody, who's six.  He asks how the baby is feeling all the time, and if he sees me wince at a sharp pain he knows that the baby isn't being nice to me.  He already loves to put his hands on my stomach and pretend that he feels the baby, even though I tell him that it's just chub and he won't be able to feel it for a few more months.  He puts his ear on my tummy to try and hear it talking to him.  And he talks to it too, telling it to be nice and stop hurting Aunt Kellie and stop doing flips in my tummy - he wants it to wait so that he can teach it flips when it comes out.  He's such a sweet, caring boy, and it will be so fun for him to have a little cousin.  Blake is enthralled as well, but he's far more scientific about it.  He wants to know the name of the nerve that the baby is hurting, and how big it is, and how much it weighs.  He wants to know if we've named it yet, and he remembers all of those (horrible) names that he suggested.  Blake wants me to find out what I can do to make the baby come out early so that it can be on his birthday.  He'll probably research it in the library.  Both boys are upset to see that I'm in pain, and they've been especially well-behaved for me every morning before school.  I'm enjoying this little journey with them.

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  1. Love the "undies" story. Do you like your new ones?

    What sweet little grandsons I have. I can't help but say, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh."