Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today is a horizontal day.

Obviously, the chiropractor yesterday was a big hit.

She had to adjust everything from my head to my hips.  She didn't just want to treat what was giving me pain currently without getting everything else in the process.  I only cried a little bit.  She told me that my sciatic nerve, which is a bunch of filaments bundled together (about the width of my pinky), has shifted over.  My left hip is consistently out, which is one reason why one leg is shorter than the other.  Since my hip is out, and the baby pressing from the front, the nerve has shifted to run over my hip bone.  Which equals a lot of pain.  The doctor worked on me for nearly an hour, but she said that everything will continue to shift back the way it was for a while.  So I have to go in 2-3 times a week until we see a difference.  I tell you what, those $35 co-pays are going to be fun!

So today hurts worse than yesterday did, but I have hope that it's because it needs to get worse before it gets better.  In the meantime, I'm just hanging out on my back in bed with the computer, an ice pack, and my pup.  And I am still so excited to have this baby because I know he/she is going to be absolutely worth every second of pain and discomfort, and I'm thankful.

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