Friday, December 3, 2010

city names

There are a lot of babies being named after cities these days, it seems.  Names like Brooklyn, Ashton, Bronx, London, Paris, Madison, Austin, Sydney and Hudson are just a few that have been making the rounds. 

I think that if you're going to go down that road, then there are other cool city names that can be considered.  Ones that might make the list?  Oslo (Norway), Alma (a river in Ukraine), Geneva (Switzerland), Dublin (Ireland), Limerick (Ireland), Genesee (river in US), Eira (Finland), and Nora (Sweden).  See?  Even though those names aren't particularly on the list, they are much more interesting.


  1. Oslo... boy or girl?
    Love reading about your progress! Hang in there, Kellie... you are going to be a great mom.

  2. Oslo would be a boy. I think the rest are for girls, though. Can you tell I'm still dreaming about having a little girl?

  3. How about Puebla, or Oxaca, or Ixtapa? I like the ring in Oxaca...Wah-ha-ka! Sounds like a squash warrior princess. Methinks you should go with it.