Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's beginning to feel a lot like... well, sort of like... christmas

We don't get too much snow here in southern Colorado Springs.  In fact, it is December 16th and we are currently experiencing the second snowfall of the season (and it's barely snowing, not sticking).  It seems as if our family in Minnesota has stolen all of our snow this year.  However, in anticipation of Christmas and the hope that it will be a white one, this blog has been holidayified.

I picked up Blake and Cody from school yesterday (the day after we heard the heartbeat at the doctor's office).  I was late meeting Blake because Cody's teacher wanted to talk to me.  So by the time Cody and I walked to the other playground, Blake was out of his classroom and waiting for us.  I could see him on the other side of the fence, hopping up and down with a huge grin on his face.  A rare show of after-school excitement for Blake.  He started yelling to me before we got to him, before I could even hear what he was saying.  As I got closer, I realized that he was excitedly jumping up and down and yelling "Is it a boy or a girl?!  Is it a boy or a girl?!"  So cute.  Parents were watching us and laughing.  I hated to disappoint him and tell him that we had to wait another month to find out, but I promised that I would call him the moment I found out.

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  1. Way cute! Those boys are sure excited, aren't they?