Wednesday, December 15, 2010

conversations with a 6 year old

Cody:  I can't wait to play on the playground today!   You said we could after school, right?

Mebending down to have a heart-to-heart.  I need to talk to you about that.  I forgot that I have to go see the baby doctor today, so I don't think we'll have time.  Is it okay if we play here tomorrow instead?

Codyeyes huge.  The baby doctor?  Are they going to let it come out now?

Metrying not to laugh at him.  No, it has to stay in for 6 more months, then it can come out and play with you.  But I'm just going to the doctor to make sure that the baby is healthy.  And I'll get to hear its heartbeat in my tummy!

Codyvery excited.  Do I get to come?  I really want to hear his heartbeat too!

Me:  Not this time, buddy.  But maybe another time you can come with me.

Cody:  Okay.  So we can play tomorrow?

Me:  Yeah.  I'm taking you back to the house now so that you can work on homework with Uncle Dusty.  Does that sound okay?

Cody.  Yeah, I guess.  Can you hold my backpack while I do flips now?

Me:  Sure, little friend.

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  1. This grandma says, "Gotta love that little critter!" :)