Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I got to hear Baby again today!  I went in for my routine visit and the doctor did the Doppler (is that what it's called?) thing.  It wasn't an ultrasound because there was no picture, just audio.  Dr. Raley couldn't find the heartbeat at first because the baby was moving around too much; we even heard a swishy noise once when it moved!  And then we heard the heartbeat again.  It was Kevin's first time hearing it - he didn't have quite as strong a reaction as I did my first time.  I still believe that while this is all cool for him, it won't become real until he holds the baby in his arms for the first time.  That's when he will become a parent.  I feel like I have been for a while already.  But that's okay.

Anyway, the heartbeat was 150/minute.  If you're following the old wives' tale, over 140 beats/minute is a girl, and under is a boy.  So this appointment, it's a girl.  Last time was a boy though.  And my mom told me that mine went back and forth like that too, and I was usually a boy.  So... I don't put much stock in that.

I have another appointment scheduled 4 weeks from now, and then an ultrasound scheduled 6 weeks from today.  At the 6 week appointment, we can hopefully find out the gender!

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