Saturday, December 11, 2010


Kevin has a really bad sinus infection right now.  While this itself is not good, let me explain why I am happy.  While I was out this morning (taking the brother to work, picking up medicine, last minute Christmas gifts, etc.), I called Kevin at the house to ask him to put the Netflix movies in the mail in case the mailman came by before I got home.  Kevin did, and when he got home he told me that he finally understood how bad I feel every day.  I believe I said something to the effect of "fat chance, buddy."  But he said that it took all of his strength and energy to simply put the mail in the box, and that he was so tired and sick afterward.  And then he apologized for not believing me or understanding how I feel!  I told him that I was glad he could understand a little bit, and that now he knows why it's simply impossible for me to do dishes some days, or vacuum, or even put on makeup.

So I'm not glad that Kevin has to feel so sick.  But I am glad that he can finally understand a little bit of my daily life.

EDITED ON 12/15/2010:  He doesn't have a sinus infection, it's tonsillitis.  Plus sinus infection.  Poor guy.

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