Saturday, October 30, 2010

the name game

I will begin this post by stating that it is far, far too early to begin naming our baby.  I had promised myself long ago that I would never start to name a baby before the second trimester.

I will now proceed to talk about naming our baby.

I used to like the name Layla.  Like the Eric Clapton song.  But then I found out about Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter who is a large, strong, freakishly buff woman.  And that just doesn't fit.  Not for a baby.

I also liked the names Emery and Avery, but there seem to be an awful lot of those right now.  And having the name Kellie, which I shared with 4 other girls on the 3rd floor of my college dorm, has made me not want to give my baby the current flavor-of-the-week name.  Oh, that's so 2011...

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Plus, apparently Kevin has to be involved with naming our child.  While I appreciate his input, it would be much easier if he would simply give in to my obviously superior baby-naming capabilities.  Because here are Kevin's top names for a boy:  Roman Magnus and Abishai Judah.   Abishai is out for the obvious reason of what-the-hell.  Judah is out because Judah Dahl doesn't have a good flow to it, and that is important.  And do I need to even go into Roman Magnus?  I can't decide if it sounds more like a type of condom or firecracker.

So, in order to remove Roman Magnus and Abishai Judah (man, seriously, those are the worst) from the list, I had to let Kevin veto two of the names I like; so long, Elliott and Oliver.  It was nice knowing you.

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So what, you may ask, are my top names?  At the moment, I am loving Clara Mae for a girl.  It's a bit old-fashioned and vintage-y.  Which I like.  And they are both family names (grandparents' mothers).  I also love the names Alma and Ellis and Norah.  For a boy, I am currently in love with Milo Anders and Liam Brave.  Neither of which sounds like types of condoms or fireworks, but instead sound like they have something important to contribute to our society.

So here is why it is okay to start thinking about baby names already: Kevin and I are light years apart, and it will take approximately 200 days to get onto the same page.  My page, most likely.

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  1. BTW, this grandma in CO likes the name Layla, despite Muhammed Ali's daughter being named the same (she is quite pretty, you know).