Monday, November 1, 2010

morning sickness

Dear Baby Rice,

You are not being very nice to me today.  Which I don't understand, because I love you bunches and bunches.  I hardly slept last night because you were hurting my tummy so much, and today you won't even let me keep mashed potatoes down, or even Light & Fit Yogurt (which tastes ever so yummy going down but not nearly as great coming back up).  The doctor told me last week that the sicker the mommy feels, the healthier the baby is.  You are going to be a pretty healthy person, Rice.  I sure hope that you decide to be nice to me soon though, little friend.  Because I miss doing fun things with Daddy, like dancing and shopping and well, eating.  And Ruby the dog (you'll like her) really wants to go for a walk, but you aren't even letting Mommy stand up straight.  So I'll make you a deal, Rice.  I'll give you the rest of the first trimester to make me feel as miserable as you can.  Heck, it's a small price to pay in order to meet you in June.  But after the first three months, I'm allowed to eat whatever I want, ok?  And you can't make me feel sick anymore.  Deal?  I love you, by the way.  And I'm super excited to tell everyone about you later this month.

Love, Mum

P.S. - Do you think you can give me Thanksgiving?  I've been looking forward to it for a while now.  It's pretty much the best food day of the year.  I'll give you an extra week after the first trimester if you give me Thanksgiving.  Thoughts?

P.P.S. - Grandma Thomas says you have to be nice to me for the rest of the day or else she will never give you any cookies.  

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