Monday, August 20, 2012

first sentence!

Today Evelyn spoke her first sentence.

We were eating homemade veggie burgers and cubed cheese for lunch.  Mostly she was just eating the cheese.  She pointed at it and said, "Love you, Cheese!"


And there went my hopes and dreams of her first sentence being something gut-wrenching and emotional, like "I appreciate all the hard work you do for me, Mama, and I love you so much; can I make you some brownies?"

"Love you, Cheese."

I cheered and clapped and hugged her, and she was so proud of herself.

Maybe that's what Kevin and I will say to each other as we go to bed at night.  "Love you, Cheese."

Evelyn also sang me a song about her juice, which she loves very much - almost as much as cheese.  It went like this:  "Juice, juice, juice, juice, juice, juice, juice, juice..." for two minutes.  There were two notes, alternating high and low.  This was accompanied by rolling her shoulders and shimmying.

This child is turning out even awesomer than I could have imagined.

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