Friday, August 17, 2012

back from summer

I have been seriously remiss from posting on this blog over the summer.  So this is a bit of a catch-up post, and I'll try to do better in the future.  Try being the operative word.

Where's Evelyn?
There she is!
Evelyn is 14 months old now, and totally awesome.  Kevin and I love this stage she's in.

She's very playful, both with us and on her own.  I can actually leave her on the floor and clean the kitchen while she entertains herself for 10 or 15 minutes.  She plays games with us like hide-and-seek.  Usually she will just hide behind a curtain, or put a bowl on her head, while we look around and wonder "Where's Evelyn?  Have you seen her?  Where did she go?"  She then whips her face out with a huge grin as we exclaim "There she is!"  Evelyn says it to, or at least mimics our tones.  She also like to play with her toys, cooking utensils, books, and the dog.

Evelyn has skipped crawling, but that doesn't stop her from getting around.  She has a nifty little butt-scoot that she does, with her left leg and both arms propelling her forward while the right leg sticks out straight and leads the way.  Like a karate kick.  She follows me all around the house now.  It's given me a bit more freedom.  I can leave her in the living room while I'm in the kitchen, and she'll make her way over when she's ready to see me again.  I love to see her little face peeking from around the corner, huge grin with those chubby cheeks.  She also pulls herself up on furniture and walks along it.  She walks and runs when an adult is holding a hand or two, but she is very unsure of herself and cries when we let go.  She will take a few steps on her own from one grown-up to another, but only if she doesn't realize she's doing it alone.

In case you're wondering, yes, her hair does always look like that.  Girl is shaggy.  She's got a 70s feathered thing going on.  She looks to be in desperate need of a haircut at all times.  I've trimmed the back, but we're waiting for the sides and front to catch up.  And I don't want to trim her bangs because her hair is still coming in over her forehead.  And if I cut things now, then she'll just be back at the same place when she's 18 months or two years, so we're just getting it over with.  She has a ton of fantastic hair though, with the exception of the cowlick she inherited from me.  You're welcome, daughter. 

Evelyn dances all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  And the girl has moves.  We have multiple dance parties each day at our house.  Standing, sitting, being held; doesn't matter, she's moving.  One arm in the air while the other keeps rhythm is pretty standard.  So is the butt wiggle.  And shimmying back and forth, shaking her shoulders.  We had friends over last week and they thought she was hilarious.  Watching Evelyn dance is better entertainment than tv.

She's very organized.  She likes to put things away after she takes them out.  She just discovered her shoe drawer, so that's a regular source of entertainment.  As is reorganizing her diaper bag.  And helping me sort the laundry.

Oh hi there.
And she talks all the time.  Mostly unintelligible, but I've been working on real words with her.  She waves and says "hi" or "bye" to everyone she sees.  Grocery stores are excellent for this.  She nods her head and says "yes."  She doesn't say "no" yet, but she knows to shake her head.  This week we've been working on "thanks" and "love you."  She says both with varying degrees of accuracy, but we can understand her.  This morning she waved to Kevin as he left for work, saying "Love you!"  I love being able to communicate.

Evelyn loves to accessorize.  She loves her shoes, and loves to put on my necklaces and bracelets.  Sunglasses are a hit too.  The child did not get this from me.  She will be her Aunt Beckie's best friend and shopping companion though.

But just in case you're thinking that my daughter is perfect, she is strong-willed and has a temper.  TEMPER.  That deserves all caps.  Screaming and hitting and throwing her little body around.  I've learned to just tell her "No" sternly when she's leading into one, and then ignore it for a couple minutes before we move on with a distraction.  I also didn't think that I would have to discipline my daughter at this young of an age, but I have.  Evelyn gets little swats on her behind or her hand when she's naughty, and then I ignore her for a couple minutes.  The swats don't hurt, but the ignoring kills her.  Then I hold her face in my hands and tell her I love her.

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