Wednesday, May 2, 2012

things i'm loving


You are nearly 11 months old now.  Here are some things I'm loving about you:

I love how you roll over from one side of our bed to the other in 5 seconds.

I love when I come into your room after a nap and you push yourself up on your hands and give me a huge grin, like you've been waiting excitedly to see me.

I love how you scoot in a circle on your butt without even trying, just because you're so eager to see everything around you.

I love when you clap your hands.

I love when you wave, clenching and unclenching both little fists.

I love your growl.

I love when you brush your own hair. 

I love your open-mouthed kisses that get my face all slobbery.

I love when you cry at night and I get to go in and spend time with you.  That's when you're at your cuddliest.  I love when you pat my back as I pat yours.

I love reading books with you.  You're so good at turning the pages for me.  You're very helpful.

I love to watch you dance, bouncing up and down on your little bum.

I love to watch you feed yourself with a 75% success rate.

I love when you point at my mouth with your little finger, waiting for me to kiss or nibble it, and the grin that follows.

I love when you sing with me.

I love that you are strong-willed, and even that you have a temper.  I pray that these will become a strength instead of a weakness, and that you will become a strong leader, not a follower, who knows what she wants and how to get it.

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