Thursday, April 26, 2012

houston, we have lift-off

Well, not really lift-off.  But we have our first interest in movement!

No, Evelyn isn't crawling or walking.  But yesterday she started rolling with intent.  She flipped over three times in a row in order to reach me as I sat on the other side of the room (yes, her room is small enough that it only took a few times to roll across it).  She's been rolling over for a long time, obviously, but this was the first time she had a purpose in mind.

And today Evelyn purposely tipped over from sitting and rolled over to reach her toys.  She's rolling around the living room as I type this.


I know that it might not seem like a huge deal.  But this is the first sign of movement, and I'm pretty excited!

Evelyn, Mama is so proud of you!

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