Wednesday, April 18, 2012

let them eat cake

Evelyn isn't very good about eating by herself.  She'll grab the food from my hand or her tray, but then she just holds onto it.  Rarely does she bring it up to her mouth; if she does, she won't open her hand.  She is far more content to A) scream until I feed her, B) throw the food over the side for Ruby, or C) suck on her high chair. 

I decided that we needed to practice eating cake today.  Well, I'm already pretty good at it, but Evelyn needed to try.  Her birthday party is coming up, and I want her to be able to do something besides pat the top of the cupcake while everyone watches, wondering what the heck is wrong with that kid.  So I made cupcakes yesterday, and today set her up to try and eat one on her own.  She didn't actually eat any of it. 

This ensued:

Those two are ridiculous.


  1. While this is probably really frustrating to you, it made me laugh! That is until I go through it with James :)

  2. haha.. no one is getting to wonder what is wrong with her. My kid slept through his entire party.. he was teething/fighting off an infection and sleep was a great thing compared to the alternative of crying and clinging.. we saved his some cake to smash and enjoy later in the day.. but the most he did was poke it with his finger..

    Not like she'll remember any of this anyway.. just sit back and try to enjoy it while it lasts.