Thursday, December 1, 2011

thunder thighs

Evelyn has begun to eat solid food a little better now.  She doesn't push quite as much out with her tongue, and she seems to like everything she tries.  Even spinach-apple-rutabaga.  Ugh.

Yesterday, for her mid-morning meal, we sat on the floor in the kitchen.  Evelyn sat in her purple bumbo seat and I sat cross-legged in front of her to feed her spoonfuls.  Here's a picture:

look at that sly grin
Note her chunky legs.

When we finished eating, I tried to lift her out of the seat.  She didn't budge.  Between her big cloth-diaper-butt and those thighs, she wasn't going anywhere.  Every time I lifted her up, the chair came with her.

I gave her a little shake up and down.  Not like shaken-baby-syndrome, but just wiggling her up and down to try and dislodge her.  She thought that was hilarious and started to laugh whenever I shook her.  That made me laugh, so I had to put her back on the floor and sit down while we both cracked up.  Then I tried again, and Evelyn started laughing again.  And that darn chair still wouldn't come off.

I finally managed to get her out of the chair using my super mommy skills.  Then we went to change her diaper and I got this:

And that is what I call the most adorable baby in the entire world.

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