Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a 6-month letter

Dear Evelyn,

Since you are nearly 6 months old, I wanted to write you a letter and tell you what I love most about you right now.  The list is constantly changing, but at this very moment, here are some of my favorite things:

I love your eyes.  I love that they are an exact meeting of your dad's and mine, yet are wholly yours.  The color is the same as mine, the shape is the same as Dad's.  One is a little smaller and higher, while the other is a little rounder - just like mine are.  And when we smile, all of us have eyes that crinkle up and disappear.

I love your laugh, and that I can bring it out better than anyone.  I love to nibble your tummy or neck, or make crazy faces and shake my head around, and hear your giggle.

I love your sense of humor.  You give us funny faces and loud noises, then watch our expressions to see if we smile.  We always do.

I love your chunky legs.  Seriously love them.  You even have baby cellulite.  I can squeeze those legs all day.

I love how you get wide eyes and shake with excitement when I brush my teeth.  It's hilarious.  I don't know why you like it so much, but I get a kick out of watching you.  My teeth are getting whiter because I brush them so long every day, just to watch your reaction.

I love watching you try to sit up.  You get a frowny expression on your face that is remarkably similar to your dad's, and your neck strains forward.  When I give you my finger to hold, I barely have to pull you up; you can do most of it yourself.  And I love that you are not content to simply sit, but are trying your best to straighten out your little body and stand.

I love seeing your excitement when I first come into your room in the morning.

I love seeing your excitement when Dad gets home from work in the evening.

I love watching you with Ruby.  You idolize her.  She's only a dog, but she far outweighs your parents in terms of importance.  You pay attention to her before anyone else, and you watch her every move.  You roll over to be closer to her and grab her face.  You smile when she comes into the room.  And you grin when she licks you.  Today you had food all over your face and Ruby got a delicious lick in before I could stop her.  You both loved that.

I love giving you baths.  You kick and splash and get us both wet.  You don't laugh while you do it though.  You concentrate super hard and kick very methodically.  So funny.

I love how you stick your legs up in the air, grab your feet, and flop to the side.

I love our evenings with you.  You get fussy, but that clears up by about 7:00, and then we can just play, laugh, snuggle, and have fun.

I love how you try and drink from the glass of whomever is holding you.  You purse your lips and lean forward, arms outstretched, and grab the cup before they even know what's happening.  Sneaky little baby.

I love your voice.  It's not too high or squeaky, and it's just right.  I love it when you talk to me.  It seems like you're the most talkative when you have food in your mouth.  Super charming.

I love how you touch me.  Sometimes you can't fall asleep for your nap.  Then you'll reach out and touch my leg as I sit next to you.  You calm down and fall asleep as you stroke my leg.  You love to pet my hand or arm or leg or whatever is in your reach.

So, my sweet girl, I just wanted to say how proud of you I am.  You are already becoming such a sweet, caring, thoughtful, fun person.  I love you so much.

Love, Mama

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