Sunday, August 7, 2011


Yesterday we held an open house for our friends to come meet Evelyn.  Since Kevin is switching schools, we told everyone at his old school that we would have them over so that they could meet the baby.  So the open house was scheduled with them in mind, and everyone else was invited too as a thank-you for their friendship and support and gifts they had given.

Floors were vacuumed, dishes were washed, cookies and cakes were baked, and Evelyn was bathed and waiting in a pretty white sundress.

So we waited and waited.  The open house was scheduled from 1-3.  At 2:30 our friends Jerry and Joan came.  We know them from ballroom dancing.  Then Mandy and David came, we know them from crafting.  And Julie came, we know her from school.  It was fun to have people from every different aspect of our lives here at once.  They all brought gifts for Evelyn, which was not the point, but was very sweet of them.  We enjoyed seeing all of them.  Mandy has a little girl due in 3 days, so Evelyn has already given her some hand-me-downs.

We love the people who came, but I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed.  I wish that more people from Kevin's school had comes since the party was planned with them in mind.  But we had fun anyway.

After the open house we went over to my parents' house to meet my cousin's identical twin boys.  Ryder and Logan are so tiny!  They're one month old, but were born one month early, so they're the size of newborns.  It was amazing to see the difference between them and Evelyn.  She is so much sturdier and alert, with so much more meat on her bones!  What a difference a month makes!
Evelyn with Ryder & Logan.

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