Monday, July 25, 2011


Evelyn has (generally) been getting much, much better about sleeping at night.  She still stinks at taking naps in her crib, but nighttime is a delight.  She will often sleep 7 hours between bottles now.  And she may do 10 or 11 hours, only waking up once to eat.  She is such a good baby!  Unfortunately, I still have to wake up and pump every 3 or 4 hours - drat!

I love to wake up with Evelyn in the morning.  I try to get into her room right when I hear her start to make noises, anytime between 5-8 AM, so that she won't start screeching and wake Kevin.  She is such a joy to be with when she first wakes up!  I take her out of her swaddler and put her on the changing table and we begin our first conversation of the day.  Evelyn watches me and I maintain eye contact while she makes little baby noises - cooing and gurgling with plenty of adorable smiles thrown in.  This usually lasts about ten minutes.  It's the sweetest thing in the world, almost like she's telling me how her night went and how much she missed me.  It is my absolute favorite part of the day.

I am crazy about this kid.

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