Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sweet friends

My apologies, I've been a bit lax about writing here.  It seems like it's been a busy week, yet looking back, I can't really tell you why.  I suppose it's just running errands, and then trying to sleep between.  I'm not sleeping so well at night, what with my big fat belly getting in the way.  I can't believe it's going to keep growing for 3 1/2 more months!!!

Some of our dance friends threw a surprise baby shower for Kevin and me last Friday.  It was so unexpected and special!  One of the studios in town has a free dance party once a month that we try to attend, so Felecia had decorated a couple tables with pink streamers, balloons, and flowers.  Our friends gave us the sweetest little baby clothes, toys, and books.  I'm super excited about the books - I'm hoping that our little girl will enjoy reading as much as I did growing up.  Thank you so much, Felecia, Jerry & Joan, Frank & Lynne, Anne, and Leona & Chad!  We love you!

I bought a baby crib today.  My brother had given us $100 to help with utilities and food since he's living here for a couple months, so I had put that aside to buy a used crib off craigslist.  Well, today I found just what I wanted!  It's white and very New England-y and will look so sweet with the lavender bedding from our registry.  It's new and has never even been put together.  The owner took it out because the box was pretty banged up when he got it, and he realized that a small hole had been put through the back.  He got a new one, but he wanted to get this one out of his garage.  And that's how I got a $230 crib for $80!  I can totally patch the hole, it's not that large or complicated.  Here's a photo of what it's supposed to look like when it's put together:
You like it?  I do!  I couldn't fit it all in the car though, so I'm picking up the rest of the pieces on Friday or Saturday.

In the meantime, it seems like 'tis the season to celebrate!  I'm heading to a bridal shower next weekend and a baby shower the weekend after that.  Then Kevin and I celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary on the 21st.  My mom is planning a baby shower for me sometime in the next couple months, and apparently I'm not supposed to help.  Although I really like planning stuff like that, so I already designed a baby shower invitation.  :)

What else... oh yeah, I'm an AVON representative now!  Hoping to bring in a little extra money to help with medical expenses and car expenses and everything expenses.  I've enjoyed it so far, and the stuff in surprisingly inexpensive, so I feel good about selling it.  If anyone is interested, you can buy directly from my website here.

And that's all for now.  If I've made any glaringly obvious grammatical mistakes, please don't tell me; I'm frankly too tired to care today.

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