Sunday, March 27, 2011

e is for evelyn

I am semi-obsessed with the letter E right now.  We have a really cool metal D that our friend Annette gave us as a wedding gift a couple years ago, and I would like to increase my D collection.  But I really like the idea of using the letter E as decoration for Baby Evelyn's room.  Here are a few E samples that I love from etsy (the shop is linked in the description; check them out!):

A precious pillow from Letter Perfect Designs
A very cool E made with vintage postage stamps from Stamposaurus
E is also for Elephant - a print from my friend Mandy at Mandipidy
I might have to spring for this E print from Rosy Designs - it's even in the nursery color scheme!
A worn and wooden vintage E from Old New Again, one of my favorite etsy shops

A special thanks to all these sellers on etsy for sharing their creativity!

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