Saturday, March 12, 2011

26 weeks

Baby turned 26 weeks yesterday; yay!  She weighs almost two pounds now.  She's starting to open those beautiful blue eyes.  I know that all babies have blue eyes at first, but I'm pretty sure that hers will stay that way since both Kevin and I have blue eyes, and they're a recessive trait.

Another important milestone: we've hit double digits until her due date.  Just 97 days to go until June 17th!

And Kevin finally felt her moving this week.  She has been quite tricky about it and has not let him feel her kick, although I feel it all. the. time.  When I call him over to put his hand on my stomach, she just freezes and won't move.  Then she'll start up again after Kevin's given up.  Quite a fun game, really.  But we were both in bed early on Thursday night and I told him to just keep his hand lightly on my stomach while we talked.  And POW, she let out a kick right at his hand.  He was shocked that she was that strong (I told him it wasn't even a strong one, and he should feel it on the inside!).  And she kept moving around while he kept his hand there, laughing every time he felt her move.  I loved it, it made me really happy that Kevin could finally feel his daughter.

comfy Old Navy dress
I'm attending a bridal shower this afternoon for an old family friend.  I certainly hope that this isn't one of those occasions that everyone shows up to wearing a perky little dress or skirt.  I definitely don't fit into a single one of my dresses, and the skirts look silly because they have to go below my belly.  So I'll be wearing my maternity black slacks.  I have a little pink tank-and-sweater combo to wear as well, so hopefully all will be well.  I have a baby shower next weekend for another friend who's having a baby girl, so the outfit might have to be on repeat.  Although I might splurge and get a cute summery dress for my own baby shower in May.  Maybe like the one in the photo from Old Navy; how comfortable that looks!  They have some other cute ones online, but not in stores.  They have some maternity tube top dresses.  Seriously?!  What woman in her third trimester can wear a tube top?!  You need something to hold up those boulders!

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