Tuesday, February 22, 2011

unhappy day

In general, I think I'm going to be a pretty good mom.

But every once in a while, something happens that makes me doubt that.

Today's example:  dog barf.  Ruby is out of food and my paycheck still hasn't cleared from Friday, so I gave her a little bit of my brother's dog's food.  Just a tiny bit, like less than 20 pieces.  This led to the most epic puke experience of all time, of which I am still trying to recover.

First Ruby puked in the dining room.  It was gross and chunky, and I made my brother clean it up because we've had to clean up his stupid dog's barf and poop, so it was his turn.  We put Ruby outside while he cleaned.  I stayed in the kitchen because I was trying not to lose my spaghetti at the moment, so I didn't even watch.  In the meantime, Ruby barfed in the backyard and then ate it.  We moved her to the sunroom while we cleaned up the yard (i.e. shoveled it over the fence).  She seemed okay in the sunroom so we left her in there.

After about 20 minutes we assumed she was done, so we let her back inside.  Bad assumption.  She barfed all over the chair in the living room.  ALL OVER.  We threw her back in the sunroom while I attempted to clean up the chair.  This mostly just led to me losing my spaghetti into the toilet in the bathroom twice as Ruby continued to puke in the sunroom.  Dusty cleaned up the sunroom as a worked on the chair, but it soon became apparent to both of us that there was no way that chair would ever get clean, or smell like anything other than a sewer.  So the next logical step was to get rid of the chair.  It is now sitting on the curb, still covered in puke, with no happy ending in sight.  And Ruby is camping outside for the day.

And guess what.  Kids puke a lot more than dogs do.  And I just can't handle that stuff.  So I am now imagining Kevin coming home from work to a daughter covered in vomit.  Which her mother tried to clean up but actually only added to the mess herself.

In other happier news, I've been working on the baby registry.  We're hoping to get most of the furniture used from who-knows-where, but it's been fun to add little things to the registry online.  We've registered at Target, you can look at it if you'd like.  I think we're planning the baby shower sometime for April so that Kevin and his co-workers won't be testing or going on vacation or anything like that.

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