Saturday, February 19, 2011


I think that this blog's look needs to be a bit girlified.

Yep, it's true!  We're having a baby girl!

She behaved beautifully at the ultrasound yesterday afternoon, and the doctor got all of the photos she needed without digging into my stomach and bruising me like the other one did.  I took everyone's advice and drank some soda with sugar and caffeine before the appointment, so the baby was moving around during the first part of the ultrasound.  It was so fun to feel it kick and see it on the screen at the same time!  Later we saw her yawn, then put her hands up by her face and stop moving as she fell asleep - exactly how I sleep, with my hands up like that!

The best part had to have been when the doctor said "Look, there's her girly parts!" as she got the perfect angle between our little girl's legs.  I don't know if this technician was much more skilled than the last one (I think she probably was), or the baby just cooperated more (that too), but it was such a relief to have that huge question answered, finally!

She looks completely normal and healthy.  Everything is the average size and length for 23 weeks, so we're still right on track for June 17th.  No spinal problems, no cleft palate, no club feet, perfect heart and functioning kidneys, all 4 limbs.  It seems as if our miracle baby (miracle since we didn't think we could could conceive with my PCOS) is a perfect little girl.

And I got so many photos this time!  Not just the scary skull shot like last time.  Kevin will scan them at work on Tuesday, but you'll see just how perfect and beautiful she is!  Since I had the ultrasound done at Maternal Fetal Medicine at Memorial Hospital (heartily recommend them) instead of an ob/gyn, they also did some 3D photos for us as well.

It was super fun calling our families.  My mom hollered excitedly without moving the phone far enough from her mouth, so that was partially deafening.  We didn't call my sister, we just went over to their house so that we could all go to McDonalds together (gotta love that dollar menu).  Blake met us at the door, jumping up and down because he wanted to know so badly.  So I whispered "it's a girl" to him before the rest of his family, and I just love that gap-toothed grin that came out.  As I showed them all the pictures, Blake was the most intent.  He later came over to sit by me and look closely through the pictures again.  He didn't say anything for a while, and then said "Aunt Kellie, can I ask you something?  How can you tell it's a girl?  I can't tell."  He was trying to see it in the face.  I told him that the doctor said the baby doesn't have a penis, and since only boys have penises, that means it's a girl.  Beckie gave me a thumbs-up; apparently that was a good answer for a 1st-grader.  Then we joked about how it's a good thing babies don't wear pants because then we still wouldn't know.

So anyway, we are thrilled out of our minds to be having a little girl - it's exactly what we wanted.  And now Kevin will be vastly outnumbered against me, Baby, and Ruby.  I'll get photos up next week.


  1. Yay for the little girl!

  2. I can't wait to meet that little girl!!

  3. Um.. that was Stephanie, not Daneel. But I'm sure he can't wait either ;)

  4. Ha, thanks Steph (and Daneel)! I wish we lived closer so that our girlies three could be better friends!

  5. This is one very happy and excited Colorado grandma!