Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Kevin and I went to the doctor for my monthly checkup yesterday afternoon, and everything looks good and normal.  Baby's heartbeat has held strong at 140 bpm throughout the entire pregnancy, and it's always fun to be able to hear that.  I was shocked to hear from the doctor that I had gained twenty pounds so far though.  I was under the impression that it had been much less (twelve or thirteen), and I figured out why I was thinking that way.  I'm counting my weight gain as weight gain.  At the beginning of the pregnancy I lost about 7 pounds in a week because my morning sickness was so bad.  The doctor started counting at that -7 point, whereas I started counting at my original weight, the weight I was at when I got pregnant.  So what she sees as a 20 pound weight gain, I see as a 13 pound gain.  Guess I'm wrong.  And guess it's back to strict meat, veggies and fruit with no fun added.  o more pasta, since my PCOS is just turning that into sugar.  Dr. Raley gave me the go-ahead to do light exercise like ride our stationary bike, although she doesn't really want me out walking.

Something else crazy?  She said that if I fall between now and 24 weeks and everything still feels okay (no bleeding and Baby is still moving), then to just go in for a checkup.  But after 24 weeks, if I fall and things don't feel right, then I have to go straight to Labor and Delivery at the hospital, because they can deliver the baby then.  Can you imagine, at 24 weeks?!  So tiny!

Also, I ordered a baby sling online.  My mom gave me a coupon to get it free and only pay shipping.  Although shipping was about $12 (what the heck?!), I compared the price to similar slings at stores and on etsy and found it to still be a really good deal, so I went ahead and ordered the one in the photo on the right.  I got it from, and I think that the turquoise-y blue will be great for either a boy or a girl.  I also think that there's no way in hell that model just had that baby.

Anyway, it was good to go to the doctor and hear good news, especially to hear that little heart beating.  It was really good for Kevin; he's had a rough week.  One of his good friends and co-workers was found dead in the bathroom at school on Monday, and things have been pretty hard for my sensitive husband.  She was a wonderful woman, only 35 years old with two kids.  She was working with Kevin in the Life Skills classroom last year, and their family even took care of Ruby for us while we took a little vacation last fall.  So they had a good connection and it's been a sad week for Kevin.  I think that hearing his baby did help him a little yesterday.

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  1. Not only is there no way in hell that woman just had a baby... there's no way in hell that woman ever enjoyed a really good burger or ice cream sundae.

    Which means her smiling face is faaaaaaake. :-)