Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd trimester triumphs

My head is doing much better.  I have a trace of a headache every day, but it isn't bad and usually leaves quickly.  Praise God!  I wasn't looking forward to having that headache for the next 4 months.

Kevin and I took a tour of the birth center at the hospital where Baby will be born.  It was cool to see everything and I feel a little more prepared.  There were 4 other couples on the tour, all of them due in February.  I felt a little silly telling everyone I wasn't due until June.  But as I thought about it, if I was giving birth next month and just now getting a look at the hospital, I would be freaking out.  I have to be a little more organized and better prepared than that.  So I'm glad that we went so early.  And if my pregnancy brain forgets everything I saw because I have no short term memory while pregnant, I'm sure they're used to that as well.

I think that I might be beginning to feel Baby move!  Well, Baby has been movin' and shakin' for a while now, but too small for me to feel.  But the last few days I've felt little movements, like moth wings brushing inside my tummy.  It's hard to tell if I really feel it or if it's just wishful thinking, but either way, I should start to feel genuine movement anytime now.  So cool!

My friend Mandy (here's her blog) is a crafty lady who lives in Colorado Springs (we met through etsy), and she and her husband recently found out that she's pregnant and due August 10th - just a little behind me.  She's dealing with all the wonderful side effects of the first trimester now.  Man, I am not sorry to be done with that!  Even though I still try and get a nap in every day, I'm not nearly as tired as I was.  My bedtime has gone back to nearly-normal.  I mainly try to nap because I wake up so frequently during the night, whether it's because I need to pee or my hips or legs hurt or Kevin is snoring too loudly.  And I can do housework without having to rest afterward.  I look pregnant instead of just fat now.  My complexion has cleared up a bit, and the smell of meat cooking no longer makes me hurl.  So I feel Mandy's pain - I was there a couple months ago!  And I'm oh-so-glad that it gets better!

Two weeks until the ultrasound!  Pink or blue?

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