Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas rundown

Christmas was lovely.  Hectic and crazy but fun, just like it always is with my side of the family.  Sometimes in the midst of the chaos I envy the Dahl side of the family - their Christmases are calm and relatively quiet.  But when I'm there in Minnesota, I miss the insanity of the Thomas Christmas.  Regardless, the day was enjoyable.

Baby Dahl got a book called Little Crab and a car seat.  Not too bad for not even being born yet.  Even more exciting, Mommy got gift cards so that she can buy pants that don't hurt when buttoned.  And Daddy got a grill!  But he has to wait until his birthday to get the propane tank.  So today.  Happy Birthday, Pops!

Baby is still growing.  We assume this because everyone can tell that I'm pregnant now.  My family has begun patting my tummy and bending down to talk to the baby.  While I find this somewhat silly and annoying, I know there's no way they'll stop until Baby is born, so I just have to deal with it.

We find out if Baby Rice is a boy or girl in less than a month!


  1. Do we get to see 'bump' pictures?

  2. Kristin,
    Yes, my aunt took a 15-week photo on Christmas. I'll post it when she sends it to me. And Kevin is going to start taking a weekly photo so we can watch me grow. :)