Friday, December 31, 2010

16 weeks

What's up, little baby?  Today you're 16 weeks and the length of an avocado, about 4 1/2 inches long...  5 1/2 if I include your legs, which I do... who doesn't include legs?  Weird.

We have to start watching what we say because your little ears can now pick up our voices.  So I'm going to start teaching you cool songs.  You're probably turning into a kung fu baby, although I haven't felt you yet - you can punch and kick and somersault all over the place!  Most mommies start to feel their babies move between weeks 16 and 20; anytime now!

I bought my first set of maternity jeans with a gift card from Kevin's parents.  My others were too tight to button comfortably.  Kevin and I went to Old Navy so that I could see what size I needed, and I was pleased to discover that I still wear the size I went down to earlier this year (I lost 20 pounds between July and October, when I found out I was preggers, so I had lost a pant size).  The smaller size - with the cloth band to go over my tummy - still fit perfectly, and I was thrilled!  I didn't buy them from the store though, since they only carried regular length and I need long.  So I ordered them online Monday night and they were here this afternoon!  I must say, to those of you unwilling to do the dorky maternity pants, DO IT.  They are far more comfortable than winding a rubber band through your button hole and around the button to keep your jeans up, and they give my stomach the support it needs.  And just wear longer shirts to cover the cloth part.  I'm sold on these things.

My sister told me at Christmas that if I'm this big and showing right now, I'm going to be HUGE by the time I actually push this little sucker out.  Her words.  HUGE.  Always good to hear.  So what did I do?  I googled photos of pregnant women at 16 weeks, of course.  And guess what.  I'm bigger than some, smaller than others.  So there!  Right where I'm supposed to be!

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