Friday, November 19, 2010

10 weeks

Hello Baby!  Today you are 10 weeks old!  You are about the size of a prune.  Here are some cool facts about you:
  • You are about 2.5 inches from head to toe; good job!
  • Your fingers and toes are distinct and have nails. 
  • You are beginning to makes small, random movements, too slight to be felt. 
  • All of your major external body features have appeared. 
Look at your cute little feet!  photo found here.
Here are some super fun things that Mommy is experiencing, thanks to you:
  • I am beginning to see the start of a baby bump.  Not noticeable to anyone besides Daddy and me, but we can tell that I'm getting a bit thicker.  Since you're so small, it's mostly my uterus getting bigger and bumping out.  But we can tell you're there!
  •  My hormones are going CRAZY!!!  I cried when I saw a little baby girl at the post office; I blame you.
  • You still haven't caused me to gain a single pound, baby!  Awesome, thanks!  Although I expect you to begin to rectify that situation in the next few weeks.  Probably at Thanksgiving, to be honest.
  • Super sore boobs.  This is not Daddy's favorite aspect of pregnancy, Baby.  You better be really nice to him when you come out.
  • Still waiting for you to send me that pregnant-mother-glow, Baby.  Right now you're still sending me that hormonal-woman-acne.  I'm ready to make the switch whenever you are.

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  1. Those tiny feet are so incredible! What an incredible creation from God!