Monday, May 6, 2013

scariest song ever

While Evelyn was slow to do things physically (she took FOREVER to walk confidently on her own), she has never been behind verbally.  I am convinced that she can say dozens, maybe even a hundred, words.  She sometimes gets lazy and won't - that stubborn streak is something else - but she is able to.

She speaks in short sentences as well. When asked what lives on a farm (I was going for a horse or cow), she replied "Zach and the tattow (tractor) and boks (chickens)."  Zach and Beckie and their boys just moved to a farm/ranch on 35 acres, and I'm sure it is going to be one of Evelyn's favorite places in the world.

Every morning when I get her out of bed, I ask what she dreamed about.  The answer is typically books.  The other day, she said she dreamed about eating ham with her teeth in the rain.

She makes up songs:
"Potty potty potty YAY!
Potty potty potty ROAR!
Potty potty potty YAY!
She sang this while condescendingly patting my knee while I was using the bathroom, and then said "good girl" when I flushed.  Followed by a long, heartfelt goodbye to what was flushed.

She will sing animal songs too.  If you ask her to sing the dog song, she loudly sings "Ruff, Ruff, RUUUUUFFFF!"  This is terrifying when you ask her to sing the horse song.  Her version of "neigh" sounds like "die."  The horse song is "Die, Die, Die, Die, DIIIIIEEEE!"  Sometimes she slurs it together and it sounds like "Daddy, Daddy, DIIIIEEEE!"

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