Thursday, February 7, 2013


We are in no way beginning to potty train Evelyn.  She isn't ready, and doesn't meet a lot of the criteria that indicate toddlers should start transitioning out of diapers.  However, we did put her little pink toilet in the guest bathroom so that she could get used to the sight of it.  When I go in there to use the bathroom, she likes to sit on her own chair and pretend she's going potty, or, as she calls it, "motty." 

She is wholeheartedly a Dahl, meaning that she is into loooong, emotional goodbyes.  Not a Thomas trait,  All Dahl.  This trait also applies to the bathroom.  Whenever the toilet flushes, she says "Bye Motty" over and over again, like she will miss that particular potty beyond measure.

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