Sunday, May 13, 2012

to my daughter, on mother's day


I am writing this letter on our very first Mother's Day together to tell you how much I love you.

Someday you'll read this and not understand.  But if you have a child of your own, you will.

Before you came along, I had a good life.  Daddy and I were poor, but God always provided for us.  We had food, shelter, and each other.  One thing I seemed to lack, however, was purpose.

People always want to know what God's purpose is for their life.  I knew God's will; I just didn't know how I fit into it.  I didn't know my role in his masterpiece.

Then you joined our family.  And now I know.  My purpose, my role to play, is to love well.

I can bring glory to God by loving you, Evelyn Mae Dahl.  Hopefully when people see my love, they will be pointed back toward God, even if they don't know it.

And you make it so easy, sweet girl.  You are beautiful, inside and out.  I loved you from the moment I knew that you were inside of me, the moment tummy became cradle.  I loved you when we gave you your name.  I loved you more still when they pulled you out of me and I heard your cry.  I cried too.  I loved you when the only time you would sleep was when you were curled up on my chest.  I loved you when you gave me that first crinkle-nosed grin.  I loved you the first time you pushed me away, asserting your independence.  I loved you when you hit me and threw tantrums.  And I love you more each and every day, easy or hard.

Your Daddy told me the other day that he didn't really know what love was until you.  That isn't to say that your dad and I don't love each other dearly.  But I understand; maybe someday, you will too.  This all-consuming love and adoration that a parent has for a child isn't something you can guess at; it must be experienced. 

Evelyn Mae, I am so proud to be your mother.  I love you beyond belief - that is what I was put on this planet to do.  I am so looking forward to the rest of our lives.


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