Monday, April 16, 2012

what does family look like?

Yesterday I spent some time outside, weeding and planting, in the cool and windy day.  Evelyn and Kevin stayed inside where it was warmer, briefly coming outside to visit.  But for the most part, it was a nice time to be outside, getting my hands dirty, and thinking.

For some reason I was thinking about what our family looks like now, and what I picture as our complete family in my head.  Maybe it's because our neighbors had just asked when we'll have another child.  I came to the realization that while my little family is perfect with just the three of us, I do not view it as complete.  When I picture our family, I see more children.  I see messiness, and love, and fun, and a family photo where no one is looking in the same direction at once.  I see Kevin and me, and at least four more kids.  These kids don't all look like us.  Evelyn isn't even the oldest.  Do we have a son or daughter somewhere out there, waiting for us to find him or her?  I see one of the children has special needs, and I see how much his siblings adore and protect him.  I see that our house is full and brimming over, and that there is a rotation of foster children coming in and out, experiencing unconditional love and care.  I see bunk beds, and toys left in the yard, and bouquets of dandelions in cups, and a picnic table out back. 

What do you see when you picture your family?  Your family as it is intended to be?

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