Tuesday, April 3, 2012

back to the real world

So, no photos of Spring Break.  Sorry.  The camera battery died and I forgot to bring the charger, so I was outta luck.  It was a very nice week though, full of warm temperatures in the 70s, long naps, walks, swinging, and relaxing.

Also, today it is snowing and the high is 33.

So we are back in the real world now.  The world where it snows 2 days after it was 81 degrees.  The world of cooking, cleaning, and house projects.

I started repainting the kitchen chairs and table.  I loved the kermit-green shade they were, but now that the wall behind them is a dark taupe, I just felt like they needed a little brightening up.  I've also started planning and gathering supplies for Evelyn's birthday party.  She'll be 10 month old next week!  I figure that if I start planning now, then it won't be as stressful for me later.  We'll see.

Big changes coming for Kevin too.  He found out yesterday that he was accepted to teach summer school and mentor new teachers.  Three or four weeks of work for an extra $4k, on top of his normal paycheck.  That's a HUGE blessing and answer to prayer.  He also found out that his superintendent is leaving for a new position in Dallas.  I think that the general feeling in the district is one of relief, although it does leave things a bit uncertain for the future.  We won't know what this means in terms of pay raises for a while, so we'll still need to live frugally.

I'm trying not to worry about Evelyn.  She still shows no inclination to crawl or walk, although she holds on and stands when you pull her up to furniture.  I KNOW that she should be crawling already, and it's hard not to feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Evelyn's a smart little girl though.  She knows (although doesn't speak them) the words Mama, Daddy, puppy, bite, bottle, pacifier, clap, book, jump, and kiss.  All the important ones, of course.  We are working on no and gentle so that Ruby's eyes don't get poked out and my hair doesn't get all pulled out.  She understands what to do when I ask her to lift her head up (so that I can put a shirt on), and she enthusiastically turns the pages of a book when I ask her to.  She knows how to clap and will start when you say the word clap or patty-cake.  She's starting to get how to wave too.  She'll open and close her hand when you say hi and wave to her.  Sometimes.  Sometimes she'll just look at you.  Sometimes she'll clap.  It's touch and go.

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  1. I want to encourage you to not worry, but you are a mother and you will. To tell a mother not to worry is like telling her to not breathe. My daughter never got up on her hands and knees and rocked to get ready for crawling, she just took off crawling one day. She also took her first steps and walked from one room to another - on the same day; this had to do with her personality. She didn't do anything until she could do it right and still is somewhat like this. People do things at their own pace. Babies are little people. Blessings, Sharon Nussbaum