Wednesday, March 7, 2012

these days

I've been trying to write a new post for a few days now, but every time I bring up the blog I get distracted by that adorable little face in my last post.  Seriously.  Scroll down and just stare at her for a few minutes.


Okay, back.

I have begun a new chapter in my life entitled "Don't Be A Hermit."  And Evelyn is an important part of that.  I mean, once she gets older, it's her choice if she wants to lock herself up in her room with 7 delicious books to keep her company.  But that will be her choice, not something she does because we have no other options.

So hopefully we'll be getting together with Shannon and Hunter once a week.  Shannon is a friend of my Mom's, and a new friend of mine.  Hunter is a couple months younger than Evelyn, but the little monster is already crawling all over the place and pulling himself up to walk.  Crazy kid.  I mean monster in the nicest of ways though - I call Evelyn a little monster too.  We are hoping that Hunter can motivate Evelyn to start moving.  Shannon is also hoping that Evelyn can teach Hunter to sit quietly and play with toys for longer than 27 seconds.

We'll get together with Laura and little Marilyn once or twice a week too.  They are part of my self-imposed masochistic attempt to lose weight, so we walk with our girls and strollers.

Every Monday Evelyn and I head to the library for a little Mommy & Me time.  We hang out with 11 other moms and their babies, all under a year old.  The babies, not the moms.  For the first half of the 45 minutes we sing, clap, bounce, rhyme, and sign with our babies.  The second half is when all the little monsters get to run amuck and play with toys that the library has.  Well, most of them run amuck.  A few of the babies, like Evelyn, aren't really mobile yet.  Some are too young and some, like her, are too stubborn to try.  Or lazy.

Saturday mornings I ditch the baby with Kevin and head back to the library for an hour of free yoga.  My sister comes too.  While this is a new addition to the schedule, I'm hoping to continue.  Before last week, I'd only done yoga twice in my whole life.  So my shining accomplishment last Saturday was that I didn't fall over.  WIN!

So that's what our weeks look like these days.  It's fun to see other people, and it helps to break up the monotony of staying home with Evelyn every day.  I'll admit it, sometimes I can get bored.  Not like there's-nothing-to-do-bored, more like I'm-so-sick-of-doing-the-same-thing-every-day-bored.

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  1. Which library branch do you go to? I love that the library has so much to offer!