Friday, January 6, 2012

back to normal

As the Christmas holidays wind down, things are starting to return to normal.  Well, sort of.

Kevin taught school through December 21st, and then we flew to Minnesota on the 22nd.  After spending a week there, we flew home on the 29th and celebrated Christmas with my family here on the 31st.

Our house is a mess.  My parents and brother-in-law Zach started remodeling our kitchen while we were out of town, including knocking out a wall and adding more cabinets.  I'd say that we're about 1/2 done, but hopefully we can knock more out this weekend and next week.  I'm so thankful to have family that enjoys doing this, and is willing to work without expecting anything back.  Our house is becoming more and more of a home with every project.  Our backyard has transformed from a dusty desert to a fantastic play area.  There's soft grass, trees that my nephews love to climb, and a raised garden bed for spring.  Our bathroom went from being completely ridiculous and absurd, to a roomy, bright, vintage-y bathroom off of our bedroom.  And there's our little girl's lavender room, and our sunroom, and the landscaping in our front yard and on the side of the house.

All in all, we are blessed to have such a great shelter over our heads.

And things are getting back to normal.  Normal includes playing with Ruby:
And trying to eat her foot:
And snuggling with Mama & Dad:

It's good to be back home.


  1. James has those duck pjs! I'll have to post a picture of him too when he's big enough to wear them :)

  2. I love them, they're so soft! She's about to outgrow them though, probably within the next couple weeks.

  3. you should post pictures of the remodeled rooms! I'd love to see them.

  4. Kristin, I'll totally do that once everything is back in its rightful home. Right now, since the kitchen isn't in great shape, we have kitchen mess in the sun room and guest room. Soon, hopefully!

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