Monday, December 12, 2011

the most unsuccessful bath ever

Warning: this post contains graphic images.

On Saturday Evelyn needed a bath before we went to a Christmas party.  Kevin did the honor with the understanding that I would pick up the kitchen.  Turns out, I definitely got the better end of that deal.

While in her little tub, Evelyn decided that it was a great time to go to the bathroom.  She makes little raptor noises when she poops, so Kevin knew what was coming.  She squeezed out a little turd.  Her poops are solid now, so at least it wasn't squirty all over the place.  So he scooped her up and held her on the toilet before she could get more out.
There was a lot of poo.

Once he thought she was done, Kevin cleaned out the baby tub and filled it with clean water.  Back in Evelyn went.  But as it turns out, she was not done.
sad face
Yes, those are little floaters.

She did this three times.  Poor baby.  And her parents were just laughing.  And Mama was taking pictures.  Also a video.  So awful. And that is how a quick 10 minute bath turned into an hour-long ordeal.

Fortunately, on Sunday she got to be Super Evelyn.

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