Friday, November 18, 2011

rock and roll

Evelyn has new talent: rolling around the floor or her crib. 

She rolled over for the first time about a month (?) ago.  Back-to-tummy, she totally skipped tummy-to-back.  But after doing it a couple times that day, she seemed content knowing that she could do it and just stopped.  Seriously, she didn't do anything else.  But this week, as the two of us lay on our backs reading in her room, she did it again.  No struggling or getting stuck, she just flipped over.  I yelled for Kevin to come in and when I turned her back over, she did it again (the first milestone he's been able to witness). 

I'm her number one cheerleader.

Evelyn still gets stuck on her tummy though, and just gives up.  She won't flip back over.  Silly girl.

Along with this new-found talent, she has started to roll over and sleep on her tummy or side at night.  I still put her down on her back, but in the morning she's at the other side of her crib, head where her feet were, and on her tummy or side.  So funny.  That's something we have in common - I HATE to sleep on my back.

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