Tuesday, October 18, 2011

growing up

My little girl is growing up.  Here are just a few things that she's started doing over the last couple weeks:

She rolls from her back to her side regularly.  Every once in a while she makes it all the way to her tummy.

She consciously reaches out and grabs toys / hands / hair when dangled in front of her.

We have started trying to feed her rice cereal.  Not much luck yet because of her tongue issue, but we're working on it!

She laughs more frequently.  Mostly at me.  But this afternoon I left her in her bouncer in the kitchen while I went to get the laundry and I could hear her laughing to herself.  She's trying all kinds of new noises: laughing, shrieking, squealing - all with a big smile on her face.

She pays attention to the pictures when I read her a book.

She had her first haircut.  It is no longer 3 inches sticking straight up from her head.

She wears 6-month clothes.  There are a few things that are even bigger than that, 9 months.

She puts weight on her feet when you hold her upright.

She thinks I'm the funniest person alive.  I hope she doesn't outgrow that too soon.

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